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For the last 15 years, I have been designing websites for clients.  This side of my business now accounts for almost 50% of my time .... and, probably, 75% of my pleasure.  Most clients that approach me to design their website are unsure of both the technology involved and the cost and have been pleasantly surprised when neither has been as painful as they had anticipated.

Site development and maintenance

When I was first invited to produce a website for a client, I felt it was important that the client was able to maintain the site without my help after it was published .... a site that is obviously out of date can be a major turnoff to potential customers!  To that end, I reviewed a variety of site design software tools and selected NetObjects Fusion as being the most suitable.  It is very much like a modern word processing package but handles many of the web specific features, such as navigation buttons, automatically.

I use NetObjects Fusion to design and publish a site, I can then train the client to use the software with the result that the client is then capable of maintaining the site without my help.  This means the site can be updated as and when necessary without any referral or payment to a third-party!  Furthermore, as NetObjects Fusion dramatically reduces the development time, it also reduces the development costs!

Finally, the site is optimised for search engines and recommendations are made as to the most practical and cost effective way to submit the published site to the major search engines.

Clients who would rather not be actively involved in the maintenance of their sites find that I provide a timely and inexpensive update service.

What next?

Contact me at Blennerhassett Systems.  You will be surprised how quickly your company can have a presence on the Internet and how inexpensive and painless it really all is.

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